Impact of Demography on Resources

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Our resource needs are impacted by demographics – the more people in an area (whether that area be a small town, a city, a state, or the nation as a whole), the more resources are needed to support them.  Water, energy, food, and industrial materials all need to be extracted from their sources, transported to the areas where they’re needed, and distributed to the people and places that need them – and with greater demand for these resources comes greater pressure on every point of their logistical supply chain.  We’ve seen water shortages in some parts of the US thanks to rapid, sustained population growth – growth that outstripped the readily available supply of water in nearby rivers, reservoirs, and aquifers.  The more people the US has, the more resources it needs to produce to sustain that population – and the more concentrated those people are in any given spot, the more pressure there will be on the resources available to them.


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