– Poverty

Poverty is a perennial problem in any society.  The people at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder live tough lives, and this can pose problems for the rest of society, particularly if the poor are really destitute or if they make up too much of the population.  In modern America, poverty isn’t really a society-breaking problem like it is in many parts of the world, but over the last four decades it has grown into something that is an important component in many of our other problems (thus it’s place in the Interlock.)

We’ve always had what you would call a “lower class,” but since the 1960s the nature of poverty in America has changed – it’s become a crippling condition that inflicts a unique set of problems on people, families, and communities that greatly hinders their ability to be contributing members of the economy and society.


Part 1:  Measuring poverty

Part 2:  The poverty trap

Part 3:  Costs and benefits

Part 4:  Interactions – Poverty


Further reading in Poverty


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