– Infrastructure

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has been surveying America’s infrastructure (including roads, bridges, dams, ports, locks, pipelines, sewers, power grid, etc.) since 1998, and publishing their results in an “infrastructure report card.”  They have consistently given America’s infrastructure a failing grade of D, a grade that only went up (slightly) to D+ in the 2013 report.

As a professional association of civil engineers, they have a vested interest in trying to drum up new business, so some skepticism about their grading might be warranted; but the ASCE is also the most knowledgeable source for information on the state of America’s infrastructure, and outside experts who have closely examined the data agree with the ASCE’s general assessment:  the state of our infrastructure is “poor,” verging (in too many cases) on “catastrophic failure.”


Part 1:  Lack of Investment

Part 2:  The Consequences

Part 3:  Interactions – Infrastructure


Further reading in Infrastructure


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