– Demography

Demography is concerned with the size, structure, distribution, and capabilities of a population, which makes it arguably the most fundamental part of human capital – without enough people of working age, with the right skills and in the right places, everything else in the nation slows down.  The US is facing at least four significant demographic problems, and there is, unfortunately, a very limited range of options available to us to do anything about them.

Part 1:  An aging population

Part 2:  A broken immigration system

Part 3:  Demographic fluctuations

Part 4:  Increasing barriers to mobility (work in progress)

The aging population and birth rate fluctuations are issues that we can’t “solve,” but that we must keep in mind when looking at the other parts of the Interlock that they impact.  Our immigration problem, by contrast, is entirely soluble, but is such a thorny political issue that it could be dragging us down for many years to come.


Interactions – Demography

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