Writing Content

The Interlock covers a lot of ground.  We’ve done our best to touch on as many of the key parts as possible, but many of them still need considerable expansion.  Expanding and improving this content  is the best way to help with the project.

Many of the articles on this site have been tagged with a note requesting expansion.  If you see a tag at the top of an article saying that it’s a stub, consider writing your own take on the subject being addressed there, or expanding what’s already there into a full-length article.  If you see a tag saying that the article needs more depth, that means that we’re looking for a more detailed analysis with more or better research and documentation.

The tags indicate where we see obvious weak spots, but even if an article hasn’t been tagged, it is still fair game.  If you see errors or ways to improve the writing, please jump in.  There are many places where you can help expand the conversation, explain key points, and add important details.

If you’re writing or rewriting a few paragraphs, it is probably simplest to post these in the comments.  Add an explanation, if you think it’s necessary, for why the proposed change or addition is a good idea.  For example:

“The statement that ‘X happened because of Y’ is a common misconception.  See THIS and THIS for details.  To avoid that problem, it would probably be better to choose a different example.  Here’s an alternative that should work:  ….  ”

If you want to tackle something more substantial, it’s probably a good idea to sketch out what you have in mind and either post it as a comment or send me a message, so we can make sure we don’t have duplicate projects in the works at the same time.



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