Student Projects

If you are a student, particularly a college senior, a graduate student, or a post-grad, you may be able to do research on parts of the Interlock and also get academic credit for it.  If you see a problem that badly needs a more detailed description and analysis, we encourage you to research it and write it up as a seminar contribution or a paper and to share the result with the rest of us.  If you are comfortable sharing your professor’s comments as well, that adds another dimension and level of credibility.  If you enlist your professor’s participation or get him to supplement your paper with his own analysis, that’s even better!

As I said in the Participation page, you will receive generous credit on this website for anything we publish in the main problem and analysis sections.  If we accept your contribution in any of these sections, you can list it as a publication credit in your CV.  It won’t be a refereed journal article, but anyone who is interested will be able to go to this site and see your work in the context of a serious discussion of highly complex issues.  With time, I believe the reputation of this project will grow, and that you will find that having been one of the pioneer contributors will be worth something in itself.