Internships and Fellowships

[Please note that this page is currently not accurate – we have no openings for interns at present.  However, please return later, because we have every intention of creating more positions soon!]


If you have a strong background in policy analysis, systems theory, complexity theory, economics, political science, demography, international relations, engineering, natural resources, environmental policy, or areas related to judicial reform, poverty, or education, AND you have an interdisciplinary way of thinking, AND you are looking for an internship, I invite you to apply.  If accepted, you will spend  3 to 6 months (your choice) doing full-time research on the Interlock.

I have arranged for a limited number of interns to be actively supervised by qualified academics and professionals in some of the relevant fields.  All have considerable interdisciplinary experience, but if your home institution has specific requirements, I will try to recruit a supervisor who meets them.  Please let me know your needs when you apply.

Internships will be conducted primarily over the Internet unless you happen to live in Houston or want to move here.  You will get regular feedback and encouragement on both the content and the clarity of your work.  (If, like many academics, you’re a better researcher than a writer, we will help you make your work clearer and more concise!)  Everyone who contributes to the project in a substantial way will be acknowledged both here and in any publications that derive from this project.


We don’t currently have any funding for fellowships, but we will be applying for grant support for this project, and one of the areas of funding will be for paid positions for researchers and analysts.  In that event, priority will go to applicants who have already contributed to the project, either informally or as interns.


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