The first way to participate is simply by joining the discussions. Currently the only avenue for this is via the comments section on each page, but I plan to set up forums so that people can begin their own threads and discussions.

I’m going to make a real effort to moderate the discussions in a way that encourages strong debate without giving the comments over to the loudest voices. I’m asking all participants to stay civil and calm and to focus on factual information and clearly reasoned arguments, not rants. If a discussion gets too heated, or I deem a post or thread to be damaging to the cooperative nature of the project, I reserve the right to lock the comments on that page or delete the offending post(s). And, of course, I will be removing spam when I see it, so please let me know if you spot some I missed. WIth almost two hundred (and rising) different places to leave comments, I can’t check all of them every day.


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