Please help us create a thriving community to better understand the Interlock and how to deal with it!

No one person can grasp the whole Interlock, or possibly be an expert in all areas, but most people who have real scholarly knowledge or practical experience with some parts of the Interlock will actually gain depth of understanding by examining how the parts they know best are connected to the rest.  So I hope contributing to this project will be beneficial in itself.

How to contribute

There are a number of ways you can help the Interlock Project:  You can participate in the discussions, submit links to new reports or articles, or write content to be incorporated into the site.  If you are a college student, we encourage you to think about how you can use the Interlock as the basis for a student project.  We also plan to offer internships as the project and the community continue to grow.

However you choose to contribute, we would ask that you keep the style guidelines in mind so that we can keep this site at least somewhat coherent.  You can either post your contributions in the comments of the appropriate page or send an email to an administrator (see the About Us page for contact info).


I will be doing my best to track contributions and give generous credit for anything we publish. If we end up rewriting a section or article and you contributed materially to the discussion that led up to the rewrite, we will try to acknowledge that as well. And, finally, we plan to have an acknowledgement page where we will recognize and thank the individuals who have been regular contributors.

While I do promise to try to give credit wherever possible, this is probably as good a place as any to include the reminder that by posting anything on this website, you are granting me the right to use it and republish it in any form. A cooperative project like this one would be impossible if each contributor retained a veto over all further use.



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