Papers and Articles


Game changers: Five opportunities for US growth and renewal; McKinsey, 7/13


How The Cost Of College Went From Affordable To Sky-High; Claudio Sanchez, NPR, 3/18/14

State education trends; Andrew J. Coulson, Cato Institute, 3/18/14  [Note:  The statistics in the full report are interesting, but I’m not certain of the accuracy of the adjustments that were made to generate them.]

Education –> Economy

What Germans Know Could Help Bridge U.S. Workers’ Skill Gap; Susanna Capelouto, NPR, 3/8/14

Character Gaps and Social Mobility; Reeves & Howard, Brookings Institute, 3/18/14

Education –> Health

Should It Really Take 14 Years to Become a Doctor? Brian Palmer, Slate, 3/13/14

Poverty –> Health

Income Gap, Meet the Longevity Gap; Annie Lowrey, New York Times, 3/15/14


Scientists Sound Alarm on Climate; Justin Gillis, New York Times, 3/18/14


The Thirsty West: What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Stay in Vegas; Eric Holthaus, Slate, 3/18/14

The Thirsty West: What Drought? Eric Holthaus, Slate, 3/13/14

Welcome to the Thirsty West; Eric Holthaus, Slate, 3/6/14

West’s Drought and Growth Intensify Conflict Over Water Rights; Michael Wines, New York Times, 3/16/14


Don’t buy the hype about lagging US broadband; Roslyn Layton, Real Clear Markets, 2/19/14  [Note:  This is a counter-argument against the prevailing view of poor telecom infrastructure in the US; I’m particularly intrigued by the difference in viewpoints between this article and one in the Economist on the same subject, which is considerably more worried about the possibility of abusive monopolies.]


Cops Use Traffic Stops To Seize Millions From Drivers Never Charged With A Crime; Nick Sibilla, Forbes, 3/12/14

Rights Advocates See ‘Access To Justice’ Gap In U.S.; Carrie Johnson, NPR, 3/10/14

Foreign Relations

NAFTA and the Future of Canada, Mexico and the United States; Marc Lanthemann, STRATFOR, 1/7/14

Anarchy and Hegemony; Robert Kaplan, STRATFOR, 4/17/13

Beyond the Post-Cold War World; George Friedman, STRATFOR, 4/2/13


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