Further Reading

This will be the central hub for information about and links to relevant source material and good background information, primarily articles, research, and books.  Right now, only Books & The Economist have any content, but we will be adding to them all as time goes on.

Organizations and Websites:  A list of people and organizations with websites that often include material related to the Interlock.  If you recommend a site, please include a brief description of the main areas of interest and the overall approach or ideological perspective.

Books:  This will be a continuously growing list of short reviews of books that we’ve found useful.  If you have a book you think needs to be included, please let us know and contribute a review!

Papers and Articles – This is where we will collect links to published research, articles in “serious” periodicals, and thoughtful and relevant blog posts.  If you recommend a paper, article, or post, please indicate which part of the Interlock it relates to and include a brief summary of the topic and why it is a useful resource.

The Economist Since there is so much material from this one source, we thought it would make sense to devote a separate section to it, rather than have it overwhelm the other content in the the Papers and Articles section.  Eventually, as that section grows, we may fold the links to the Economist material back into it.

Subject Matter Index

As we add items to the above resource lists, we will try to put links to those items on the pages below, under each of the headings that are relevant.

The Economy

Demography  –  Education  –  Poverty  –  Health

The Environment  –  Resources  –  Infrastructure

Corruption  –  Justice  –  Taxes & Spending  –  Foreign Relations


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